Dinner Lady - Concentrates

Dinner Lady - Concentrates

Dinner Lady Concentrates are as the name implies: concentrated flavouring in a massive range of flavours from DL themselves. Just the same as if you bought the regular 60ml Ready to Vape bottles, but a load more options to customize your juice!

For example, if you want liquid optimised for pods in your own strength, simply grab a bottle and mix it to 50/50 PG/VG. Maybe you want to blend a few flavours together for a custom mix, or maybe even add to your liquid without compromising a drop of flavour (as you will with RTV juice)? DLC has got it all covered.

These products are NOT ready to vape juice, you must add flavourless PG and VG to make them vapeable. Each concentrate has a suggested mixing percentage of 20% to the volume of your bottle (e.g. if your bottle is 60ml in volume, add 12ml of concentrate then top up with PG/VG).

You can find unflavoured PG/VG here in a range of sizes for your customers :)

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