Import USD/AUDLanded Price Calculator

When importing goods into the country, it's important to include all additional costs when working out your final landed price.

This calculator helps you work out your landed cost in AUD, including GST, freight, and any other fees, on individual items from an imported order.

Basically, this calculator takes all the costs you've incurred importing goods into the country, and creates a multiplier from which we can see how much the currency exchange, shipping costs, and import tax/duties effect the final price of each individual product in the shipment.

While this calculator is great way to get an idea of how much you're actually paying on your goods, it may be slight inaccurate if your shipment contains both very light/small and very heavy/large products - these different products will realistically have different shipping costs attached to them - but in practise the difference isn't great and it's much simpler to average out the shipping costs across all products.

Finally, it's important to note that in AUS the GST rate on all items is 10% on import, and while rarely there may be additional tariffs, they are usually quite low. With clearance/processing fees, the total Import tax/duties should hover around 12.5-17.5%