Cloud Revolution - Framed and Regular Staple Coils

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Alright, so it would be fair to ask why you would fork out this much of your hard-earned dosh for a pair of locally, hand-made coils.

Mo here. I have never gone for the "hype" when it comes to fancy builds when using my dripping atomiser. Hell, I've never even been that particularly impressed with Clapton coils in the past, either. (take too long to heat up on my mechanical box mods)

BUT What if I told you that after trying these, we (Mo, Ed, Ms Ed) don't use any other coils?

What if I told you that I've been using my pair for a solid four weeks now, and after a dry burn and quick rinse they look ab-so-lutely brand new?

Gone is that "sizzle" when vaping at higher wattages. Gone is the curse of low-surface area (Heat Flux; Google it!)

Maybe it's not the best idea to buy these coils, because once you get the taste of what high-wattage vaping SHOULD be like, you won't be able to go back to "standard" coils.

So, $25 for a pair of coils that will last you at least a month of the best high-wattage vaping experience you can achieve? I suppose it's up to you, but I sure as hell love mine.

Framed Staple Coils

Same same, but one less wrap and cheaper to boot!

Coil Specs:

  • 28g N80 x2 frame, with 40g N80 'Claptoned' around 5X1 Kanthal Ribbon.
  • 5 Wraps with 3mm Internal Diameter
    • Single Coil Mode: 0.24 Ohm / Dual Coil: 0.12 Ohm

    Staple Coils

    Designed to make the jump from subohm tanks to rebuildables that much easier. Andy's such a nice dude <3

    Do not add extra wraps on these as they have no frame to keep the ribbon in place, the ribbon stack is prone to collapsing if extra wraps are added.

    Coil Specs:

    • Core: 8 x 0.3x0.1 N80 Ribbon
    • Fuse: 40g N80
    • 7 Wraps with 3mm Internal Diameter
      • Resistance: Single Coil: 0.4 Ohm / Dual Coil: 0.2 Ohm

      Inside the packaging you will receive:

      • 2 x Staple or Framed Staple Coils

          Designed for High Wattage Regulated Devices or Mechanical Mods that can fire an atomizer with a resistance down to 0.10 ohm.

          Caution: This is an advanced user item, always use high drain high amp batteries. Always use an ohm reader to check your coils resistance and to check for shorts. Always take safety into consideration when vaping.

          These coils in dual coil mode are Low Resistance Coils, they will initially may be hard to pulse on high wattage regulated devices as the coil is fresh and thus you may need to use a mechanical device to pulse the coils.

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