Deathwish Isolation RTA Glass / Bubbles

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Is your Isolation feeling lonely? Not giving you quite enough capacity for your liking?

Pick one of these bubble sections up! Choose from an ULTEM or Clear Acrylic colour, and you're on your way to step your capacity right up.

Or, if you just need a replacement glass set for your Iso, we've got you covered here too, just like the original only not broken like yours may be :(

The Clear Acrylic bubble (and ULTEM bubble to a lesser extent) is resistant, but not impervious to strong citrus, menthol or spicy (e.g. cinnamon) juices.

Please exercise caution with what juices you will use with the bubbles, as bubbles cracked with the use of juices we have recommended not to use are not covered under warranty.


  • Bubble Capacity: 7ml
  • Glass Capacities:
    • Small Glass (with Metal Sleeve, included with RTA): 4ml
    • Large Glass (without Metal Sleeve): 4ml

What's in the box:

  • Bubble:
    • 1 x Bubble of your choice of colour
  • Glass Set:
    • 1 x Large Glass Section (for use without the sleeve)
    • 1 x Small Glass Section (for use with the sleeve)

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