The Vapoureyes Top Popper Juice Bottle Opener

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Chubby Gorillas. The perfect bottle in so many ways: strong, sealed and sexy. But there is one niggle, opening the bottle to add your nic. Today, VE has their own beautiful solution code named: the "Top Popper".

This bottle opener works for all Chubby Gorilla bottles in 30, 60, 100 and 120ml sizing! Simply slide the lip of the opener under the lip of the Chubby bottle, and lever the bottle's top cap off the bottle! No more dangerous knives or dodgy teeth grips needed, ever again.

This is a super sturdy opener of metal construction, and lovingly coated in that classic VE red, meaning you're probably never going to lose its vivid self. It's even got a little chain up top to keep it close to your heart (and vape area, but same thing).

If you buy juice from Australian businesses, or would like to reuse the huge amount of Chubbies you likely have, this is an essential piece of kit. So get popping today!

What's in the bag:

  • 1 x Vapoureyes Top Popper Juice Bottle Opener

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