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Tasting Notes 28/3/2014 - 96 hours steep

First inhale... what is that? Tastes very dark. It /was/ a very shallow drag. I take a long, lung hit. Exhaling through the nose I taste vanilla, with a hint of cinnamon baked goods. Still dark. Can't explain it, just... darkness.

I can't stop vaping this juice, I (very pretentiously) exhale it while smacking my lips together, think I can taste a toasted nuttiness. Still dark. Almost claustrophobic... but can't stop vaping it. Just one more drag. 

Vaped on a dual cotton-microcoil IGO-W, 0.8 ohm at 5V / ~30W. (Editor's note: check this link out for a blast to the past, and be happy you have never sworn so much at your vape as we did back then)

This liquid should steep for a minimum of a week to tone down the tobacco, bring out the vanilla and bakery notes, and generally round out the flavour.

Flavour Profile


Dark, sweet pipe tobacco


Baked goods, notes of cinnamon, vanilla

Pair with

Nothing cheaper than $80 a bottle

Recommended Steep Time 7+ Days
VG:PG Ratio - Doubler 85:15
VG:PG Ratio - RTV 70:30
Contains no nicotine Contains natural and artificial flavourings

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