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USA - 5642m - First Ascent: 1829

"Thick, creamy dollops of greek yoghurt drizzled with a coulis of sweet forest fruits"

VG Content 90%
Recommended Steep Time 1-4 Days
Inhale Sweet and tangy yogurt
Exhale Jellied berry finish, dollops of fresh cream
Pairings Imperial Pale Ale brewed by the novitiates of a 1,000 year old monastery in Tibet


Fresh dollops of yiayia's greek yogurt made with the creamiest goats milk from pappou's faithful herd of ruminants, who are hand-fed only the freshest, crispiest organic grasses, milked each day by a nubile young milkmaid who drapes her lithe hands with silken gloves before gently tugging on each goat's tits to release the sweet nectar within.

Combined with a generous handful of precious, Fair Trade forest fruits, grown in the rich, loamy soils of Guatemala, hand-picked by laughing children and gently loaded onto the backs of sturdy donkeys who patiently transport them to the local shipping port where they are packed into oak crates and shuffled into the hold of a ramshackle old pontoon captained by a grizzly Guatemalan sailor known to all as Beardy Josè who braves the wild waves of the seven seas to float his precious cargo to Australia's golden shores.

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